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Before you utilize any portion of the website, E-Book Emporium, including but not limited to the "members only" area, you must read, understand, and agree to all terms set forth here. By joining as a "member" you also agree to be bound by the terms and conditions shown here.

Legal Disclaimers

In order to become a full paying member of E-Book Emporium's Membership, you must be a legal adult of or above the age of 18 years as pursuant to the Child Privacy Act. E-Book Emporium takes no responsibility whether monetary or otherwise for individuals who misrepresent themselves and their age by making use of this site, paid or otherwise.

E-Book Emporium and its employees reserve the right to amend, change, or update any of the terms placed here at anytime. You agree to be bound by any and all changes made either now or in the future until such time as you have either cancelled your membership with us, or agree to not use our website any longer.

E-Book Emporium will not be held liable for any person's use or misuse of any portion of this website including but not limited to the download of any product or resource provided herein. Neither shall E-Book Emporium be held liable for any damages incurred to any individual's personal property whether by direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, and the like, by way of making use of any portion of this website, including but not limited to downloading files.

All persons, whether members, or non members, will decide on their own whether or not they wish to participate in any type of activity that may or may not cause damages to their personal property and will not hold E-Book Emporium responsible for any such damages that occur. E-Book Emporium will not be held liable for any interruption in any services provided on this website, whether they occur naturally or not. Neither shall E-Book Emporium be held liable for any actions taken by any individual with respect to any information provided herein. That is the sole responsibility of the individual, and not that of E-Book Emporium.

While each file has been checked individually to be free from error, E-Book Emporium cannot guarantee that every file will be error-free, virus free, or otherwise corruption free. This is the responsibility of the end-user, member, or subscriber to make use of any available virus detection software before said individual opens up said file(s). And you, the end-user, member, subscriber, or site visitor will be responsible for any costs accrued for necessary repairs or corrections for taking the aforementioned action(s). Therefore, E-Book Emporium is not to be held liable for this type of action taken by the end-user, or any similar actions.

Individual Product Licenses

Each member of E-Book Emporium's membership site is responsible for abiding by any specific product terms set forth by the originating author of said product that is included within the product download file. If any of the accompanying terms are broken for said product(s) by any member for any product downloaded herein, it is the sole responsibility of the member, and not that of E-Book Emporium or any of its employees.

Income Guarantees

E-Book Emporium makes no claims as to the perceived income capabilities any one member can earn from being a member. As each individual has differing levels of abilities, there is no accurate way to make any such guarantees. Each member understands that they alone have complete control of their earning potential and will not hold E-Book Emporium liable for their earnings or lack thereof.

Privacy Policy

All information, whether personal or otherwise, provided by you, the subscriber(member) to E-Book Emporium will not be shared, rented, given, or otherwise redistributed to any outside parties. Your information will be kept private and secure.

Visiting Third Party Sites

In some pages of the members only area, you may be transferred to other Third Party Sites. E-Book Emporium does not atest to the validity or quality of such sites. Furthermore, E-Book Emporium cannot be held responsible for any transactions that occur on Third Party Sites, including but not limited to: purchases, downloads, valid and true information, and the like, or any problems that may occur from visiting said sites.

Subscription Cancellation

You may cancel your membership at any time, whether it be monthly, yearly, or lifetime at any point during your subscription. However, no refunds will be given if you cancel your membership after your membership payment has been received. Therefore, you will still have your remaining appropriate time limit left on accessing the members only area after you have cancelled your subscription.

If you cancel your membership, you can re-subscribe at a later date. However, you may, or may not pay a higher rate for your new subscription as the payments for our select plans will increase over time. Or, once the member quota has been reached, may not be able to re-subscribe at a later date but will rather be placed onto a waiting list and then be able to re-subscribe once a new space has opened up.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of any of our Membership Plans, whether monthly, yearly, or lifetime, there will be no refunds of any type allowed after initial purchase has been made by you, the customer(subscriber).

Because there is no way to have you, the member, return any or all of the products offered inside the members only area for download as they are digitally downloaded goods, we cannot, in good conscious, offer a refund as that would be such that you would get all the products for free, which is strictly forbidden within the individual terms of many of the digital products available for download inside the members only area.

There is only one exception to this refund policy and that is, if for some reason, you are over billed for your membership, such as being charged twice without your involvement, then we will consider refunding only the over payment after a full investigation has been conducted.






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